Releasing Heaven On Earth

Open Heaven is a Canadian ministry whose sole purpose is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to communities in our nation. We believe that we are moving into a season where God is wanting to release His Glory in ways that we have never seen before. Our desire is to be in the centre of God’s plan for this new glorious time in history.

Our mission for 2023 is to hold outdoor outreach worship events in major cities across Canada. We are asking you to join us in prayer as we advance God's Kingdom throughout our nation. Keep checking our website for updates on our plans for 2023 and future dates of these outreach events.


Jesus commanded us to go INTO the world to preach the Gospel to all people (Mark 16:15). Our plan is to fulfill this mission by bringing hope to a world that is in desperate need of it. It’s time to step out of the walls of buildings and go into communities where the harvest is ripe.


Open Heaven events are designed to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to people in powerful ways through signs, miracles, and wonders. God is longing to show that He is a good Father who loves us unconditionally. We want people to experience His love at our events.


Open Heaven values the discipleship process because Jesus said in Matthew 28:18, “Go and make disciples of all nations…”. Our desire is to give people opportunities to build a deeper relationship with God through discipleship programs and resources. Links to both programs and resources are on our website.


Contact us!

info@openheaven.ca            519-852-4818